Last Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2019

Accessing the arts through distance learning

What is this?

This exemplar shows how learning partnerships with national organisations can be created and sustained so that learners from more remote locations have equitable access.

The school and National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) make effective use of the videoconferencing facility within Glow. The partnership provides opportunities for learners to engage with a professional from NGS and gain access to examples of Scotland’s national arts collection. The project also introduced learners to a local professional from the creative industries sector.

Who is this for?

​This exemplar will be useful to both primary and secondary staff in schools. The outcomes were achieved in a secondary school but the approaches could also be applied in a primary school context.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

The information provided in this study, along with reflective questions, invites you to consider the impact of your own approach to broadening young people’s learning experiences, particularly if your school is located in a more remote area of Scotland.

In ‘What was the impact?’ (below), you are invited to listen to the responses from staff and learners about the new knowledge and skills they have acquired.  Then, individually or as a team, consider the following improvement questions in your own context:

  1. How effectively do you work with a range of partners to broaden young people’s learning experience?
  2. How effective are your current arrangements to provide equitable access to national resources for young people in your location?

​Explore this exemplar

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What was done?

Pupils at the school in Moray were able to access a range of art works in the national collection thanks to a partnership between the school and NGS.

They were given special viewings of the art works through the videoconferencing facility in Glow. School and Galleries staff worked together to create a project plan that enabled the pupils to see specific pieces of art that connected with the practical skills they would develop in class.

In relation to this, a local printmaker visited the school to provide practical workshops and talk about careers in the creative industries.


Like a number of other schools in Scotland, Lossiemouth High School is located a considerable distance away from national collections of art works. This project provided a means for pupils at the school to see and discuss some of these works, using them as inspiration for their own work. By including an opportunity to develop related practical skills, under the guidance of a local professional, the pupils were also able to make connections to the world of work.

What was the impact?

Through this project, learners:

  • engaged with professional staff at the National Galleries of Scotland;
  • engaged with a professional printmaker and find out about their working processes and careers in the creative industries;
  • developed practical skills in printmaking; and
  • developed their appreciation and understanding of art works in the national collection.


Word file: Transcript of opening the art world video (42 KB)