What is this?

This video demonstrates how Wick High School staff engage learners in developing creativity, design and ICT skills through a competition to design a working app.

Who is this for?

This video resource is for all practitioners with an interest in using apps to develop creativity and ICT skills.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice

This example of practice outlines the steps taken by Wick High school staff to develop young people's understanding of how to design and create an app. You are invited to watch the video and then consider these reflective questions to help you improve your practice:

  • How do you share digital learning skills across all subject areas in the curriculum?
  • How do you encourage girls to participate fully in the development of apps and other digital skills?
  • What training have you completed to ensure your own digital skills are fit for purpose, and to enable young people to be well skilled for life in the 21st century?
  • What approaches do you have in place to ensure that all young people continue to focus on the development of high quality digital skills?
  • What help can we provide for those staff who find digital learning extremely challenging?

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What was done?

The apps project enabled students to work for a year designing a prototype app, as well as the business planning and marketing of this product. They worked in groups and finally participated in a national competition where they competed with other schools to have the winning app. This work has a strong emphasis on creativity. The project has led to a large increase in the number of girls studying computer science.

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Why was it done?

This project aimed to help young people gain a good understanding of what is involved in creating an app, from inception to completion.

What was the impact?

This work encouraged more girls to choose computer science as an option. It also gave learners a deeper understanding of app development and allowed them to gain skills in business management and marketing.

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Word file: Creativity within digital learning using the Apps for Good competition - transcript