Last Updated: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DYW - Interesting Practice: Scottish Food and Drink Federation and Bathgate Academy – an industry partnership project

What is this?

This ​exemplar was part of ‘A Future in Food’, an education programme organised by the Scottish Food and Drink Federation’s (SFDF), using food as a context for learning. It features a school-employer partnership initiative between Bathgate Academy and Youngs Seafood facilitated by SFDF.

Who is this for?

​This exemplar will be useful for practitioners involved in the planning, implementing and evaluation of the Developing the Young Workforce agenda.

It supports professional reflections around the Career Education and Work Placements Standards as well as School / Employer Partnerships.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

The programme provides schools with curriculum based learning opportunities, particularly around STEM subjects, connected the local (and national) food manufacturing companies highlighting career opportunities and the routes to access them. This particular case study outlines a collaboration between Bathgate Academy and Young’s Seafood Manufacturer, exploring job opportunities on offer in the food and drink industry and engaging in a real-life challenge to develop a new product.

You are invited to use this exemplar to reflect on the following questions:

  • How effectively do you plan for career education opportunities and progression pathways for learners from 3 - 18?
  • In what ways do you ensure that you meet the needs of all learners to develop skills for learning, life and work?
  • In what ways does the curriculum provision and timetabling in your establishment incorporate career education for all learners?
  • To what extend are partners involved in delivering meaningful, work related experiences for learners, the delivery of skills and qualifications as well as prospective career opportunities?


Word file: Bathgate Academy - A Future in Food (60 KB)

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What was done?

The Seafood Challenge ran throughout the academic year. Over the course of the programme the pupils visited the manufacturing site to see the whole of the manufacturing and product development process, met key members of staff, found out about the range of jobs and careers available and the skills required by employers. Pupils were then tasked with developing their own new product in response to a brief developed by industry.


The aim was to raise awareness of the career opportunities available in food and drink industry, the skills and qualifications required to work in the industry and to help pupils make connections between the food on their plate and the people and processes involved in in its production.

What was the impact?

Learners at Bathgate Academy worked both individually and as part of a team to develop their understanding of a real life design brief. Pupils were involved in research, costing, nutrition, packaging, marketing and product development, all of which enhanced their skills for learning, life and work.