Last Updated: Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Enhancing Parental Engagement through Digital Technology

What is this?

​​​These case studies compliment the report for Action 14 of the "Learning together: national action plan on parental involvement, parental engagement, family learning and learning at home 2018 – 2021"​.

Who is this for?

​These exemplars will be useful to practitioners in early years settings and primary schools​.

​These case studies provide supporting evidence in response to Action 14 of the ’Learning together: national action plan’.​

Improvement questions

  • How do you currently communicate with your parents?
  • Have you discussed communication approaches with your parent group?
  • How could you use digital technology to share information with your parents?
  • How could you use digital technology to make learning more visible and accessible for parents?
  • Do parents have opportunities to support and contribute towards their child’s learning experiences in real time through digital technology?​​

Case studies

Kirkton of Largo Primary School – Fife​

The case study highlights ways to embed digital technology in the primary setting by equipping pupils with transferable skills, allowing them to think of creative, digital solutions and become digital creators.  Each pupil creates their own blog/e-portfolio to share their learning. This also provides parents with a way to engage in their child’s learning and helps to strengthen the links and partnership between home and school.​

PDF file: ​Kirkton of Largo Primary School (245 KB)

Bathgate Early Years Centre – West Lothian

The case study highlights the use of digital technology in the early years to enhance parental engagement in children’s learning. Making children’s learning visible and providing a choice of online platforms to access and contribute towards learning in real time has enabled families to be more involved in their child’s learning. It has also provided ongoing access to current digital content which documents the wider learning taking place in the setting.​

PDF file: Bathgate Early Years Centre (329 KB)

Park Primary School, Clackmannanshire

The case study highlights how a pupil digital focus group in a primary setting has led change and made a positive impact on accessing the curriculum, through film production. Learners have developed their digital skills in film production and have applied them to their work in literacy. Films are shared with parents via the school Twitter account, enabling parents to positively engage and comment on their child’s learning.​

PDF file: Park Primary School (289 KB)​