Last Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021

Gaelic Medium Education 3-18 - A case study from Sir E Scott School

What is this?

This video and presentation is from a session at the Scottish Learning Festival hosted by Education Scotland. The session was led by Aileen MacSween, headteacher of Sir E Scott School. The video and PowerPoint presentation describes effective and developing practice in the delivery of Gaelic Medium Education (GME) across a 3-18 setting.

Who is this for?

​This case study will be of particular interest to senior leaders in schools, practitioners and those involved in supporting children and young people in GME.

How to use this the Learning and assessment resource to improve practice?

Senior leaders and practitioners should use these resources to support planning for improvement in Gaelic Medium Education. It will be useful to use the Advice on Gaelic Education publication alongside this resource.

Improvement questions

Here are some improvement questions to consider when using this resource when planning for improvement in GME:

• To what extent do you take account of all the factors that make your school unique?
• Does the curriculum experienced by your learners reflect your rationale?
• Do you make best use of partners to provide opportunities for young people in GME to develop their skills and achieve?
• How effectively are learners and parents involved in planning and evaluating their learning experiences in GME?


Powerpoint file: Gaelic Medium Education at Sir E Scott School, Isle of Harris (841 KB)

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