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How Perth Academy positively influenced experiences and achievements in Technologies (2015)

What is this?

​The video demonstrates how Perth Academy has embedded a range of technologies across the curriculum to have a positive influence on young people's experiences and achievements. An important element is a focus on real life experiences through partnerships with external organisations. Among the positive outcomes for learners, the school has been successful in challenging gender stereotypes and promoting positive images of the technologies.

Who is this for?

​This video is for teachers and senior leaders who are involved in curriculum planning.

​How to use this exemplar to improve practice:

This video along with reflective questions invite you to consider the impact of your own approach to planning learning. You are invited to watch the video and consider, individually or as a team, the following improvement questions:

  • What does the school mean by appropriateness and relevance in its approach to technologies?
  • What range of core skills are being developed?
  • How has the school identified enterprise skills and embedded these across the curriculum?
  • How has the school identified what is relevant to the world of work?
  • How important is the simulation of real-life experiences to this work?
  • How has partner work ensured improved outcomes for pupil learning?

Explore this exemplar:

What was done? 

The film demonstrates how Perth Academy identified which approaches to take in the use of technologies and how these could be developed across the curriculum. The Rector explains the rationale and the approach taken. The Faculty Head of Art, Design, Engineering and Technology describes the use of a particular package called Inventor. Learners explain the impact that the use of real-life commercial packages has had on their learning.

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What brought about the change?

The school wanted to ensure that learners had experience of industry standard applications and approaches to learning. It was considered a priority that they developed marketable and transferable skills that would support them in life beyond school. 

What was the impact?

Learners have an awareness, understanding and experience of industry standard approaches in the technologies. They develop a range of specific skills in relation to the use of specialist applications. Learners are able to articulate how this approach has improved their understanding of the journey they will undertake into employment.

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Word file: Technologies in Perth Academy – Intellectual, practical and digital