Last Updated: Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Leading and Learning Together in Renfrewshire

What is this?

​Renfrewshire has developed a sustainable leadership strategy for staff at every level. This strategy provides an on-going cycle of professional learning opportunities utilising the skills and experience of existing staff. It is based on the principles of the National Framework for Educational Leadership.

Who is this for?

​This will be of interest and use to all involved in education.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice

The exemplar can be used to help schools and local authorities develop a leadership strategy that will use the skills of existing practitioners and ensure that staff are enabled to take on leadership roles and are supported and challenged to do so.

Improvement questions

  • How effectively do we create a learning culture within our school? (HGIOS4 1.2)
  • To what extent are all staff involved in leading learning across and beyond our school? (HGIOS4 1.2)


PDF file: Supporting and sustaining headteacher resilience (388 KB)

What was done?

The Leading and Learning Together (Aspiring Leaders) training programme involved the following components:

  • sustainable training and mentoring support for teachers at all levels
  • Learning Sets (ie collegiate working) for those aspiring to promoted posts
  • assessment centres
  • leadership professional learning for current headteachers delivered by Drummond International.

This programme encourages headteachers to step back and take time to reflect on what might help them/is stopping them closing the gap in their own establishment. They are also encouraged to look after their own and their staff's wellbeing around workload and work/life balance.


High quality leadership in schools and across the local authority is vital to ensure the highest quality of learning experiences and positive outcomes for children and young people.

What was the impact?

Improved culture of professional learning and enquiry.