Last Updated: Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Learning about the Calanais Standing Stones in Religious and Moral Education

What is this?

‚ÄčThis video demonstrates how young people in Forres Academy study the Calanis Standing stones as part of their RME programme. Their learning includes analysis and evaluation of a range of theories about the origins of the stones.

Who is this for?

This video is for staff in upper primary and secondary schools who are focussing on learning to develop Religious and Moral education (RME).

How to use this exemplar to improve practice:

This video along with reflective questions invites you to consider the impact of your own approach to development learning within RME. You are invited to watch the video and consider, individually or as a team, the following improvement questions:

  • How are you developing young people's RME skills in a way that reflect the 7 principles within Curriculum for Excellence?
  • What areas of learning have you used and developed further to ensure that learning and teaching in RME is exciting and vibrant?
  • What broader skills base do you expect children to have as a result of their study in RME?
  • What other areas of RME study would be suitable for the addition of drama techniques to support learning?
  • What new forms of assessment allows young people to share the skills they are developing during the study of RME?

‚ÄčExplore this exemplar:

What was done? 

Staff  chose the Calanais stones as a vehicle to explore the beginnings of religious belief in the ancestors of the young people. The teacher was looking for an interesting way to hook in the learners rather than just using a text book. Staff wanted to ensure that learning was really exciting and engaging for the learner and could fire some emotional connections. The principles and practice paper for RME particularly the area which is talking about spirituality, gave staff the freedom to present  young people with a series of exciting lessons that would develop their skills in RME  and develop skills across curriculum learning e.g drama skills.

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Why it was done?

Staff wanted young people to have an exciting experience of and enquiry based approach to RME.

What was the impact?

Impact from this work shows children being focused and keen to learn.  They are able to express their opinions and  share their knowledge of the topic well.

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