Last Updated: Monday, March 05, 2018

Monitoring and tracking in Colquhoun Park Primary School, East Dunbartonshire

What is this?

The following content includes an example of how one school took a systematic approach to tracking and monitoring to meet the needs of all children and ensure that barriers to learning were identified and addressed.

Who is this for?

​Head teachers, teachers and early years practitioners.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

Consider this film in relation to practice in your own context and use the film clip to support professional dialogue.

Improvement questions

  • To what extent do you have a shared understanding of what progression looks like?
  • To what extent do monitoring and tracking processes allow us to demonstrate improved attainment for children facing barriers to their learning, including poverty?
  • How well do senior managers ensure that structures and processes are in place to allow these tracking and monitoring activities to take place?

What was done?

This film clip is from Colquhoun Park Primary School in East Dunbartonshire. In it the head teacher describes all the monitoring and tracking processes used which feed into a whole school overview of children’s progress. A wide range of information and data are included in order to build as complete a picture as possible about each individual child and allow the school team to identify and address barriers to learning.

Video: Monitoring and tracking progress in Colquhoun Park Primary School


This activity was undertaken to ensure the needs of all children in the school were being met including those children who are facing the challenges outlined above.

What was the impact?

Impact can be seen in the following ways:

  • targeted use of resources to focus support where it is most needed
  • effective identification and removal of barriers to learning
  • improved outcomes for children