Last Updated: Monday, March 05, 2018

Renfrewshire’s Tackling Poverty Strategy

What is this?

​Renfrewshire's Tackling Poverty Commission makes recommendations for the introduction of a strategic approach to a Community Planning Partnership. There were some challenging recommendations for the council and for their partners and this resource responds to these challenges, providing a blueprint for Renfrewshire's approach to tackling poverty.

Who is this for?

​This will be of interest and use to  local authorities officers and headtachers.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice

The strategy and action plan can be used to stimulate discussion within and beyond schools into the local community. There are practical illustrations of examples contained within the strategy document that may also be helpful.

Improvement questions

  • To what extent does our work with partners and businesses ensure positive outcomes for our young people?
  • To what extent are we removing barriers to learning and ensuring equity for all?


PDF file: Tackling Poverty in Renfrewshire (250 KB)

​What was done?

The commission was the first of its kind in Scotland and its recommendations are designed to be delivered in partnership and focussed on making a difference at local level.

The strategy contains six main priorities.

Priorities 3 and 4 are directly related to the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

3.   Improve levels of physical and mental health of children in low income families.

4. Close the educational attainment gap between children from low income families and their better off peers.

Part of the strategy was to extend the reach of some of the current successful projects such as  the Families First initiative and peer-mentoring projects

There are also three new areas of work:

  • Developing new approaches to reading;
  • Supporting families with the cost of the school day; and
  • A new joint team focussed on positive destinations for young people from low income households.


Renfrewshire's Tackling Poverty Commission was set up to assess the nature, causes and impact of child poverty in Renfrewshire.

The Tackling Poverty in Renfrewshire Strategy has provided a firm foundation for the work carried out by schools regarding equity of opportunity.