Last Updated: Thursday, February 10, 2022

Sharing scrutiny evidence on Gaelic Medium Education - secondary curriculum

What is this?

This resource is based on a video recording from a session at SLF online 2021, which falls into two parts.

In the first part: young people at Portree High School, The Highland Council are empowered to share effective practice on their curriculum. This is based on Her Majesty’s inspection findings and progress since the original inspection. Young people had ownership of all aspects of producing this short film, which also demonstrates quality outcomes from their curriculum.

In the second part: (from timeframe 23.33 on) the digital platform e-Sgoil and HM Inspectors discuss building back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the Gaelic version of this page.

Who is this for?

Presentations and challenge questions are provided to enable all early learning and childcare, primary and secondary headteachers, teachers and practitioners, education officers in local authorities, parents and other interested stakeholders to engage with key aspects of curriculum making for Gaelic Medium Education.​

This resource has the following objectives:

  • share how curriculum makers encourage the role of partners and young people in supporting the Gaelic Medium curriculum at Portree High School
  • acknowledge how the system collaborated to support Gaelic Education during remote learning
  • exemplify how young people may be supported in recovery education
  • encourage building back stronger from the pandemic, whilst recognising how technology can assist in meeting this objective.



PDF file: Sharing scrutiny evidence on GME (1.13 MB)

Challenge questions

  • What features of effective practice resonate with you from this short film and how can these impact on your curriculum?
  • What is effective, forward-thinking assessment of young people’s skills and achievements in Gaelic Medium Education?
  • Have another look at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. Re-assess how it can be used to recognise the skills, knowledge and understanding of young people in Gaelic Medium Education.

How do you realise the ambition of the three take-aways presented in this video?

  • Take-away one: Keep collaborating on the curriculum to promote equity, inclusion, and personalised pathways to build learning in Gaelic around the young person.

  • Take-away two: Normalise the use of technology for delivering the curriculum in Gaelic Medium Education.

    Take-away three: Unpack further the full opportunities that Curriculum for Excellence affords. This will require a deep look at building young people’s confidence in taking qualifications and awards through Gaelic. For this, it is very important to contextualise to and for Gaelic the Audit Scotland report “Improving outcomes for young people through school education” (March 2021); and implement the curriculum and assessment recommendations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD Review.

    What are young people’s views on each of these challenge questions?