Last Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2019

Swap places if you An inclusion and equality activity

What is this?

​This learning and teaching activity is designed to help young people develop good relationships by encouraging them to see that what they are good at and what other people are good at can be different.

Who is this for?

​Early years and primary practitioners.

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How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Prepare by taking photographs of children doing their favourite activities. This will offer opportunities to talk to children individually about what they are good at doing. Show the photographs to the children to stimulate discussion.

Next, ask the children to sit in a circle. They swap places when the adult says something about them, for example: "Change places if you are wearing a jumper." Finish the ice-breaker section with: "Change places if you like..."

The photographs can now be used to talk positively about each child and their chosen activity. Asking the children whether they like the same thing shows the similarities among them, but differences illustrate how people all have preferences for different activities. People are good at different things and have different favourites.

Free-play activities

A book of all of the photos can be made and kept in the story area. Using a disposable or child-friendly camera, children could be encouraged to take photos of each other doing their favourite things.

Displaying the photos in the area which they were taken promotes discussion, and gives opportunities for adults to point out that the children playing there like - or are good at - the same thing as the child in the photograph.


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