Last Updated: Monday, April 20, 2020

Warout Family Cooking Programme - Friday Foodies

What is this?

A family engagement programme:

  • To enhance parent and child partnerships through collaborative work in the kitchen setting
  • To encourage the use of literacy and numeracy skills through real life situations
  • To develop an awareness of healthy eating and promote skills in a real life situation

Who is this for?

This exemplar will be useful to all practitioners in primary school education.

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What was done?

Eight families per week over a four week period visited our school based kitchen to cook with their children. During each session, parent and child worked together as a team to produce a meal. Over these four weeks, parent and child learned new skills together and supported each other in their learning.


Staff had recognised that there were some families in the school that were hard to engage in the life of the school. Staff wanted to demonstrate their commitment to giving children the best start by working more closely with parents and carers to help them have more confidence and develop their own skills to support their child’s learning at home.

Staff were also aware of the high fat, salt and sugar intake of our children’s diet and wanted to develop an awareness of healthy eating and promote skills in a real life situation.

What was the impact?

An increased confidence of families working with their children in a school and home based setting. Also these families attending other school events such as parent’s night that they hadn’t previously been to. Children also grew in confidence and by the end of the four week programme had more of an “I can do” attitude in the kitchen and classroom.

Feedback received from families included:

  • “They are eating different fruits at home.”
  • “Making soup at home together.”
  • “Children helping cook at home.”
  • “Children enjoying cooking with their families.”

How was this example identified?

Warout Friday Foodies Programme was identified through staff awareness of children and parents attitude to learning and healthy eating. Also attendance figures of parent/carers at school based learning events.

Improvement questions

1. How confident are you at present of the positive impact your current parental engagement approaches have on children’s learning?

2. In what ways could parental and family learning be improved further in your setting?

3. How confident are you that that families can incorporate learning opportunities in their home setting?

4. What value to parents/carers have on the benefits of healthy eating for their children?


PDF file: Family Food Group Leaflet (312 KB)