Last Updated: Tuesday, January 31, 2023



What is this?

This level of the framework is appropriate for staff who support all children and young people who require additional support at the universal level of staged intervention.

Who is this for?

Pupil Support Staff, Middle and Senior leaders.

Welcome to the 'Informed' level of the pupil support staff professional learning framework. There are a range of activities and resources, in a variety of formats to select. The activities require from between 5 and 45 minutes each to complete and the and the ⚹ icon indicates key induction activities.


Activities are grouped by the skills, knowledge, and values that inform the framework:

  • Scottish educational context and knowledge
  • Communication and collaboration: developing positive relationships
  • Child wellbeing and development
  • Personal and professional development
  • Wellbeing, organisation and creativity

Scottish Educational context and knowledge

Scottish Educational Context

Curriculum for Excellence

UNCRC - Rights and Participation

Communication and collaboration: developing positive relationships

Effective communication and collaboration

Relationship Based Approaches

Restorative approaches

Child wellbeing and development

Safeguarding and child protection: local authorities have responsibility to ensure staff have an understanding of local child protection procedures.

Health and Wellbeing

Child development

verywell mind: Child Development Theories and Examples

Language and communication development

Additional Support Needs

Personal and professional development

Inclusive IT to support learning

Wellbeing, organisation and creativity

Supporting staff wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Supporting group work