Last Updated: Thursday, August 11, 2022



What is this?

PSS logoWelcome to the Skilled level of the Pupil Support Staff Professional Learning Framework which has been developed to help staff working with children and young people who require targeted additional support.

Who is this for?

Pupil Support Staff, Middle and Senior leaders.

The professional learning activities in this level are appropriate for staff who support children and young people who require targeted support, for example with complex or complexity of need. They may also be appropriate for learners receiving universal support.

There are a range of activities and resources, in a variety of formats to select. This is not an exhaustive list and further additional resources for targeted support will continue to be included as the framework evolves.


Scottish Educational context and knowledge

Introduction to inclusive education online module 1- 3 hr online module (Login required)

A summary of anti-bullying resources

Scottish Government: Getting it right for every child: Information sharing

Improving gender balance and equalities (3-18) - Video playlist


Communication and Collaboration: Developing positive relationships

Effective communication and collaboration

How do we talk to and involve children and young people about their learning plans

Webinar: Talking Mats Communication Symbols Tool (


Relationship Based Approaches

PDF file: Thinking about behaviour (1.4 MB)

Wakelet: Nurture and trauma informed approaches: resources to support learning and teaching

Compassionate Connected Classroom


Child wellbeing and development

Safeguarding and Child protection

Local authorities have responsibility to ensure staff have an understanding of local Child Protection procedures.

DigiLearn: Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety



PDF file: Children in Scotland - Your resource for Improving children and young people’s understanding of their wellbeing (2.5 MB) - A resource for teachers and practitioners working with children and young people.

Scottish Government: Getting it right for every child - Wellbeing (SHANARRI)

Supporting the mental health of children and young people

Wakelet: Mental health and wellbeing: supports for educators to support children and young people

Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairment

Supporting learners who offend, or who are at risk of offending

PDF file: Health and Wellbeing Transitions: Working with Trauma

CPAG in Scotland: Cost of the School Day Toolkit

Language and communication development

Communication Passports

SLCF - The Communication Trust - Enhanced Level online learning (Login required)

Good Practice in working with deaf learners, their parents and families

CALL Scotland: 'Keep Talking' book AAC game resources

CALL Scotland: Webinar: Online Learning Modules: AAC in Education

AAC Scotland: Augmented and Alternative Communication Modules: Series 2 AAC in Education. - Supporting Learners with Complex Communication Support Needs, in School

CALL Scotland: Symbol Resources for Covid19



Primary One Literacy Assessment and Action Resource (POLAAR)

Addressing Dyslexia: Reading Circle - Supporting the Acquisition of Reading Skills

Addressing Dyslexia: Writing Circle - Supporting the Acquisition of Reading Skills

Addressing Dyslexia: Literacy Support Software



CALL Scotland: Webinar: iPad Maths Apps for Dyscalculia and Numeracy Difficulties

Numeracy Professional Learning Resources

Glow: Numeracy and Mathematics Professional Learning Community (Login required)


Additional support needs

OpenLearn Create: Introduction to Dyslexia and Inclusive Practice (Login required)

Addressing Dyslexia: Professional Development

Autism Toolbox: Professional Development

OpenLearn Create: Introduction to Autism and Inclusive Practice (Login required)

Forces Children’s Education


Personal and professional development

Revisit Common core skills

DigiLearn: Professional Learning

Enquire: Advice for professionals in Scotland

PAMIS: Promoting a more inclusive society


Inclusive IT to support learning

CALL Scotland: Communication and Assistive Technology Blog

Symbols for All

DigiLearn: Upcoming Webinars