Last Updated: Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Education Scotland Gaelic Conference June 2015

What is this?

​These materials, from a conference hosted by Education Scotland, will assist with evaluating and planning for improvement in Gaelic Education. The conference also celebrated 30 years of Gaelic Medium Education.

Who is this for?

​Local authorities and schools who are implementing the key messages from the Advice on Gaelic Education conference.

Explore this resource

To view presentations from the day, select a video from this playlist. Videos available:

  • Gaelic Education: successes and challenges - keynote speech by Dr Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning, Sciences and Scotland's Languages
  • Gaelic in the context of Scottish Education - Graeme Logan, Strategic Director, Education Scotland
  • Sharing the vision: Advice on Gaelic Education – Joan Esson, HMI
  • An overview of the Education (Scotland) Bill 2015 and the provision for Gaelic within the Bill - Douglas Ansdell, Head of Gaelic and Scots Unit, Scottish Government
  • Statutory Guidance on Gaelic – Iain Campbell, Ceannard, Bòrd na Gàidhlig
  • Gaelic in a European context – Professor Matthew MacIver CBE
  • A discussion with former pupils of Gaelic Medium Education – Kayanna Morrison and Alasdair MacLeod
  • Celebrating Gaelic song - Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd.

Download the conference agenda document for full details of the programme and conference speakers in Gaelic and English.

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PDF file: Conference agenda and delegate pack (107 KB)

PDF file: Feedback on conference (285 KB)

PowerPoint file: Advice on Gaelic Education presentation - Joan Esson (3.34 MB)

Powerpoint file: Graeme Logan presentation (2.66 MB)

PDF file: Joan Esson presentation - Transcript (51 KB)

PDF file: Matthew MacIver presentation - Transcript (43 KB)

PDF file: Dr Alasdair Allan presentation - Transcript (32 KB)

PDF file: Maggie Wentworth presentation - Transcript (31 KB)