Last Updated: Friday, June 24, 2022

The Autism and Learning Disability Towards Transformation Plan 2021

What is this?

The Scottish Government published the Autism and Learning Disability Towards Transformation Plan on 24 March 2021 as the Scottish Strategy for Autism came to an end on 31 March 2021.

Who is this for?

Local authority lead officers, strategic authority leads and senior leadership teams in ELC and schools.

​Explore this approach

The Autism and Learning Disability Towards Transformation plan has been developed within the context of the Covid pandemic and sets out the actions needed to shape supports, services and attitudes to ensure that the human rights of autistic people and people with learning/intellectual disabilities are respected and protected and that they are empowered to live their lives, the same as everyone else.

The plan is the start of considering the impact of the Scottish Strategy for Autism 2011 - 2021 and the Keys to Life 2013 - 2023 and what comes next. It highlights the impact of Covid-19 on both groups, how services to support people have adapted in light of restrictions to movement and opportunity and highlights actions which local government and Scottish Government will take individually and jointly with partners to mitigate these restrictions. The intention is that the plan articulates actions to improve things for people with lived experience and fully involves them in the leadership and scrutiny of the plan.

This resource will help local authority lead officers senior leadership teams and staff reflect on and evaluate:

  • Their current practice meets the needs of autistic learners and learners with learning disabilities
  • Their strategic planning to ensure it is inclusive, rights based and meet the needs of this group in the longer term.
  • Ensure they are supporting parents and carers to have access to the information, skills, support and advocacy they need to be active and equal participants in their child's education.


PDF file: Learning/intellectual disability and autism: transformation plan (390 KB)

PDF file: The Scottish Strategy for Autism (856 KB)