Last Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Back to school - new routines - secondary

What is this?

As we go through life there are always many changes. Some of these become new routines. This activity will help you to understand and prepare for new routines that lie ahead.

For young people at S1-3

  • Make a list of the main routines/ habits that you carry out every day before going out or to school. Some of these will be short and brief like brushing your teeth, others will take longer.
  • Think about why these routines are important as we grow up? What would happen if you didn’t follow these routines?
  • Can you think of any new routines that you might create when returning to school? Make yourself a plan for new routines that you think would help you in life. For example, in an area that you might want to improve like a homework timetable, attending a club regularly or practising a skill.