Last Updated: Thursday, July 02, 2020

Summer challenge – ball games

What is this?

In this activity, children explore the properties of a ball or other soft object before devising a simple game or challenge that can be played individually or as a group.

Children will need:

  • a ball of any size or a soft object that can be thrown and caught like a rolled up pair of socks
  • a target such as a bucket, wheelbarrow or box.

With their ball or small object, children can try the following:

  • Bounce and catch with two hands and/or throw into the air and catch with two hands.
  • Bounce with one hand and catch with one hand and/or throw into the air with one hand and catch with one hand. For more challenge, use alternate hands.
  • Walk and then jog performing the same actions as above.
  • If using a ball, can children keep bouncing the ball off the ground basketball style using one hand before doing the same walking and jogging.
  • Children may be able to make up their own movements, for example moving the ball or object around their waist, in a figure of 8 through both legs, throwing over their head and catching behind them.

When children have explored various possibilities with the ball, they could devise a game or challenge for the whole family to play, using a container as a target. They can think about rules, for example ground markings required, how many attempts each player should have, any requirements on how the ball or object should be thrown and a scoring system.