Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The resilience alphabet - T is for talk - secondary

What is this?

This activity is one in a series of activities to build resilience.  The activity will help you understand the importance of talking and to build your communication skills.

The Resilience Alphabet  will give you more ideas about helping your child develop resilience.

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For young people at S1/S2/S3

Good relationships are built on good communication. Try out a few of these activities to build your friendships and relationships.

  • Find out from the adults around you about their favourite music. Ask what they like about it, how it makes them feel and the memories it brings to mind. Play some old favourites together.
  • Ask them about their childhood. What were they doing at your age? What world events can they remember experiencing? How did they spend their leisure time?
  • It is great to share memories of good times with others. It can result in positive, optimistic happy feelings.
  • Friends are also good for sharing memories. Share a memory with a friend using a format of your choice. This could be a comedy sketch, a short story, a poem, a song/rap, news report, vlog.
  • Sharing your worries is also important. Think about whom you might talk to whether it is a friend, parent, family member or teacher. Write down the kind of things you might talk to them about. Just having the words on paper can be a helpful start to a conversation and give you confidence, when the time is right, to talk.