Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Staying in touch with friends and family - secondary

What is this?

These activities are designed to help you understand about the importance of keeping connected to friends and family for your wellbeing.

Why don’t you share what you have been doing with someone at home?

More information about keeping safe when using Glow and other online resources is available on Glow Connect.

For pupils in S1-S3

  • Have a think about which social media platforms you use most often. Have you been using new sites recently?
  • How many times a day do you interact with people online across all sites? Has this increased over the last weeks?
  • Apart from social media, how else do you interact with friends, family other people?
  • Which way to do you prefer to stay in touch with friends and family?
  • How would you feel if you couldn’t do this for 24 hours, a day, a week, a month?
  • Can you think of alternative ways to stay in touch with those you know who don’t use social media platforms?
  • Can you think why it’s important to stay connected to other people?