Last Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Back to school - personal writing about friendship - secondary

What is this?

In this activity, young people will complete a piece of personal writing which looks at friendship.

For young people (S1-S3)

  • As you prepare to return to school, you may be reflecting on what you have done during the summer break. Hopefully this has involved spending some time with friends and creating happy memories together.
  • Complete a piece of personal writing, of around 500 words, focusing on your relationship with a close friend. Explain what makes them a good friend to you and describe some happy events you have recently shared together. You may also want to describe times when your friend has supported and helped you.
  • Make sure you plan your writing before you start by thinking about what you want to say and events you wish to describe. You should use appropriate language to describe your thoughts and feelings about your friend.
  • When writing, think about why friendship is important and how it improves and enriches our lives. Include your views on this in the final paragraph of your writing. Using statements like ‘Looking back’, ‘I learned that’ and ‘From this experience, I discovered’ will help you to reflect on friendship and not just describe the events.
  • The following advice on creating a good piece of reflective writing may be useful. 
  • Once you have completed and checked your writing, share it with a member of your household to get feedback before presenting your friend with the completed piece of writing.