Last Updated: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Non-fiction - secondary

What is this?

This is the second task which will help you to develop the your skills in recognising and understanding the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts.

For young people at S1/S2/S3

Select and read, listen or watch a text which is non-fiction and that relates to your chosen topic. This task will help you do develop your skills in learning independently.

Remember a text can take different forms including books, websites, film and television or radio programming.

Ideas for non-fiction texts: autobiography, website with factual information, documentary, a speech, newspaper article, news article or programme.

Think about who the target audience is for the text and what the author is telling the reader about the topic.

Think about how the author has tried to influence what you think about the topic. Think about the techniques used by the author (e.g. statistics and facts, arguments, evidence and data, illustrations or real life footage etc.)

Make notes to record you’re the techniques used and also your thoughts and opinions.