Last Updated: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Outdoor spaces - secondary

What is this?

In this activity, a young person is asked to think about arguments for and against public access to nature.

For young people (S1-S3)

  • Perhaps more than any other time of year, summer is when we are most likely to visit outdoor public spaces such as parks and beaches. Is there an outdoor space you like to visit during the summer? Think about what you do while you are there, as well as how other people use it. How many different sport and recreation activities take place in your chosen outdoor space during the summer?
  • You may wish to watch this video which gives arguments for and against the use of an outdoor public space in the north of Scotland:
  • Using your own example, or the one from the video, write a list of fun activities to do at an outdoor public space such as the beach, local park or national park. Go on to add information about the mental and physical health benefits of using your chosen outdoor space during the summer.
  • Think about ways in which your chosen outdoor space could be improved in order to encourage everyone to enjoy and benefit from it. Using your ideas, create a poster, leaflet or talk aimed at persuading others to support your suggestions. For example, you might include ideas like creating cycle routes, picnic areas or a café. Aim to make your recommendations as fun, imaginative and inclusive of others as possible, while remembering the need to protect the environment.
  • As an extra challenge, you may wish to include any writing you produce in a letter to your local council or Member of the Scottish Parliament to ask them to consider your suggestions.