Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Our shopping 3 - primary

What is this?

We are all doing our shopping a little differently just now. Some families go to the supermarket for their shopping, other families do their shopping online. These activities will help your child to practise their numeracy and mathematical skills in a real life way.

For children at Nursery and P1

What to do together:

  • Help your child to draw their own shop.
  • Add pictures of some items which could be in the shop. Add prices to the items.

For children at P2/P3/P4

Choose 6 different shaped packaged items from the cupboard or fridge.

  • Can you ask your child some questions about the different shapes of the packages? For example, ’What is the name of this shape?’, ‘What else can you tell me about this shape?’, ‘How many sides does it have?’
  • Support your child to group the items and discuss with them why they have grouped in that way. For example they could group all the shapes with curved sides together, or the shapes with straight sides together.
  • Can you support your child with finding other items in the house with the same shape?
  • Support your child to draw some 2D shapes.

For children at P5/P6/P7

Choose 6 different shaped packaged items from the cupboard or fridge.

  • What is the name of the 3D object that makes up the packaging?
  • What 2D shapes make up each 3D object?
  • Make a table and record how many sides, vertices, faces and edges each package has.
  • Can you use this information to sort the packages? Write about how you did this.

There is a useful reminder here describing properties of 3-D objects.