Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Shopping and budgeting 3 - secondary

What is this?

This learning activity will help young people to practise their numeracy and mathematical skills in a real-life way.

Investigating 3-D objects

In your kitchen, can you find different types of three-dimensional objects, such as cuboids or cylinders? You may want to think about cereal boxes or cans of food.

Pick three of these objects and work out their volume using the correct formula.

Using your knowledge of the properties of these objects, can you draw their nets? You might want to start by thinking of a simple example of a net, for example the net of a cube.

Can you work out the surface area of each the objects you have selected?

Here are some useful reminders of formulae for volume and surface area.

There is a useful reminder here describing a net  - What are nets?