Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Water play - early years and primary 1

What is this?

Young children need to practise using language associated with measuring volume in real life contexts to understand terms such as full and empty.

  • Gather a variety of different containers such as empty plastic bottles and plastic cups. You can set up this play either outside with a basin or paddling pool or indoors in the bath, shower or at the sink. You can add bubbles to the play if you like.
  • Play pouring and emptying containers and exploring the water. You can encourage or model the use of mathematical language such as full, empty, heavy or lighter. ‘My cup is really full now, I am going to pour out all the water until it is empty.’
  • For challenge you can play and make comparisons – ‘Which is full? Which is heavier? Can you make this one lighter?’