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This section of Scotland Learns shares information (including from partners) to support children and young people’s learning in Gaelic Medium Education.

Leading the strategic recovery of Gaelic Medium Education

The following advice will support senior leaders in planning the recovery curriculum for Gaelic Medium Education:

The Curriculum for Gaelic Medium Education

Are you looking for ways to support immersion in a blended and remote approach to learning?

Here is a single point of access to support remote learning, particularly preparation, planning and delivery.

The programme Scotland Learns has advice for practitioners and parents in Gaelic Medium Education, as well as a range of activities to support learning through the medium of Gaelic, with English translations available. These hyperlinks provide a single point of access to some key resources, including live and recorded teaching to support immersion, Gaelic Medium Education and Gaelic (Learners). The early to fourth level learning activities are designed to help children and young people use Gaelic at home, either self-supported, with a language buddy or as a family. Content includes:

Regular updates on Gaelic are included in parents and carers newsletters.

Immersion activities led by partners (#Cleachdi-aig-an-taigh) support children and young people’s learning and fluency in Gaelic. This can be accessed live, or at any time and in any place to support immersion education. New activities commenced on Monday 18 January. Please note a new arrangement whereby these activities are hosted on the Comann nam Pàrant’s website

e-Sgoil, with support from Education Scotland, has developed a blend of standalone, interactive resources and live inputs for 3 -18 learners - Gàidhlig Bheò, and additional early years resources. This complements remote learning put in place by schools. Gàidhlig Bheò offers daily, live lessons for Gaelic Medium Education and Gaelic (Learners). Schools who wish to attend Gàidhlig Bheò should register here.

BBC Scotland Live and Recorded Learning links:


Catch up TV:

Lockdown learning in Scotland

Links to all our learning resources

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The club Strava 'Gluais! supports health and wellbeing by inviting young people to:

  • track their progress in wellbeing
  • be part of a community of who speak Gaelic

Take part in monthly local events and challenges in which they use Gaelic

Fèisean nan Gàidheal supports children and young people with Gaelic language learning, as well as with developing skills and creativity in arts and culture. They organise a free internet café for teenagers. For tickets, please visit Eventbrite: Cafe Bheirteis (Gàidhlig)

The Scottish Parliament website has resources available through the medium of Gaelic.

Education Scotland’s wakelet for Gaelic Education has a range of resources to support learning in and through Gaelic. For other collections please see the Gaelic education website and it's links section.

Comhairle nan Leabhraichean has a range of opportunities to support children and young people’s literacy skills through Gaelic. These include learning from authors, taking part in competitions and using song to develop fluency.

The Scottish Book Trust offers a range of interventions to support literacy through Gaelic, whilst developing fluency in the language.

Children at early and first levels may enjoy listening to these stories being read aloud in Gaelic by the author Catriona Lexy Caimbeul.

Gaelic4Parents encourages parents’ engagement in their children’s learning in Gaelic. It provides live online support with homework, audio versions of children’s reading books as learning games and activities to do with your children. is a growing online library, which has over 100 texts available in Gaelic. The range of texts are from early to third level, with supporting audio, resources and accessibility features. To find out more, or to arrange a free training session, contact

Looking for resources for Gaelic (Learners) and a 1+2 Approach to Languages? Please visit:

Professional Learning for teachers of Gaelic Medium Education

Following the success of our virtual conversations, please keep sharing practice in the TEAMs area so that “Scotland is Learning Together”- see Gaelic Sector (External) Professional Learning.