Last Updated: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Planting and growing – early level

What is this?

Find some ideas to support you to design an activity. This activity will help children think about some of the things that they are thankful for and their hopes for the future. It will also help them learn about how to look after plants.

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) experiences and outcomes: Early level

Literacy and English

  • Within real and imaginary situations, I share experiences and feelings, ideas and information in a way that communicates my message. (LIT 0-09a)


  • I have helped to grow plants and can name their basic parts. I can talk about how they grow and what I need to do to look after them. (SCN 0-03a)

Purpose of the activity

At early level, children are developing their understanding of the consequences of COVID-19 and what this means for the future. This activity is designed to help children share their feelings and hopes for the future by planting a garden. It will also support children to learn about plants and how to care for them.

Learning activity

  • Invite children to join you to plant a small container garden. For this you will need a selection of small pots or containers, gardening tools, some compost or soil and some seeds. If you don’t have any flower seeds, save some from a fruit snack such as apple seeds.
  • Explain to children that you are going to plant the seeds and allow them to choose which ones they prefer. Help them to use the gardening tools and compost to plant their seeds then water them and find a suitable spot to place them.
  • Talk to children as you work about what plants need to keep them healthy and help them grow strong.
  • Discuss with children what they are hopeful for in the future. For example, are they hoping to have lots of fun at school or nursery or make new friends?
  • Write these thoughts and hopes down together and put them on small sticks in the plant pots.
  • Each time you water the plants, talk about these hopes and how children are feeling.

Extension Activity

If children are enjoying this activity and keen to learn more, they could chart the growth of their plants over time.

National Benchmarks

Literacy and English

  • Talks clearly to others in different contexts, sharing feelings, ideas and thoughts.


  • Explores, observes and discusses basic needs of plants and what they need to grow including water, heat, sunlight and soil.
  • Demonstrates understanding of how plants grow from seeds.

Possible approach to assessing learning

When planning your approach to assessing learning, please take account of the latest guidance on assessment approaches.