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Spotlight on equity and outdoor learning experiences

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This article references the many and wide ranging benefits of outdoor learning experiences for children and young people, including its potential to raise attainment, narrow poverty-related gaps, improve wellbeing, support engagement and promote wider achievement. With links to useful references and sources.

Few practitioners who have led or supported outdoor learning experiences would deny the potentially transformative effects for children and young people of learning and playing outdoors, including in and from nature.

For many children and young people, the Attainment Scotland Fund has been usefully deployed throughout the life of the Scottish Attainment Challenge to overcome some of the practical and financial barriers to outdoor learning, such as costs associated with transport, equipment, outdoor clothing, professional learning and access to wider achievement awards including The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and The John Muir Award.

Many practitioners use the outdoors as a motivating context to target poverty-related gaps, promote wider achievement, enhance learner engagement and support wellbeing. The John Muir Trust's ‘Closing the Gap’ and ‘Education Recovery’ reports provide useful examples of ways to use the award to support equity, including in the present context. Some other examples of projects which evidence impact for equity include:

As we start 2021, the Year of Childhood hosted by the Children's Parliament, and perhaps especially in the context of the pandemic, outdoor learning experiences may be even more beneficial for our children and young people than ever before.

Looking ahead to the incorporation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scottish law, outdoor learning and play will be continue to be a feature of the educational landscape and the drive to achieve excellence and equity. Scotland’s Coalition for Outdoor Play and Learning Position Statement affirmed this view, “Playing outdoors enhances learning and is fundamental for children and young people to thrive in health, wellbeing and development. It is our shared responsibility to support and enable all of Scotland’s children and young people to access our diverse greenspaces and natural landscapes and to empower them to enjoy these spaces for the purposes of playing and learning. “

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