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Here you will find a range of ideas and suggestions of activities to help parents, carers and practitioners support learning at home and during the recovery year. The activities are aimed at a variety of ages. The year groups next to the activities are a general guide only. Our newsletters for parents and carers and for practitioners also have additional ideas, hints and tips, and links to other useful resources.

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PUBLISHED: 6th May 2020
Shopping and budgeting 3 - secondary

Explore activities around shopping and budgeting to help your child practise their numeracy and mathematical skills.

PUBLISHED: 6th May 2020
Create and develop a sandwich shop 1 - primary

Find learning activities on the theme of food and the opening of a new sandwich shop.

PUBLISHED: 6th May 2020
Top tips for staying at home - primary

Ideas for primary school learners to present fun things to do during lockdown.

PUBLISHED: 7th May 2020
Our shopping 3 - primary

These shopping related activities will help your child to practise their numeracy and mathematical skills in a real life way.

PUBLISHED: 14th May 2020
Food at home - early level

These activities support children explore foods and build awareness of a healthy diet.

PUBLISHED: 14th May 2020
Keeping fit 2 - primary 2-7

In this activity, children plan and record an exercise routine.

PUBLISHED: 14th May 2020
Money - first level

Ideas to support you to design an activity on money which you can use or adapt for learners in your class while they are working remotely.

PUBLISHED: 14th May 2020
Hunting for rainbows - early years and primary 1

In this activity, children search for NHS rainbows in their local area and look for rainbow shapes and colours at home.

PUBLISHED: 14th May 2020
Creating a weather forecast - second level

Ideas to observe and identify techniques used by others to get their messages across.