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Here you will find a range of ideas and suggestions of activities to help parents, carers and practitioners support learning at home and during the recovery year. The activities are aimed at a variety of ages. The year groups next to the activities are a general guide only. Our newsletters for parents and carers and for practitioners also have additional ideas, hints and tips, and links to other useful resources.

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PUBLISHED: 12th August 2020
Mise agus m’ fhileantachd - early level

Tha an gnìomh ionnsachaidh seo a’ brosnachadh phàrantan/luchd-cùraim agus clann gu pàirt a ghabhail ann an gnìomhan taobh a-muigh na sgoile mar thaic do am fileantachd ann an Gàidhlig.

PUBLISHED: 23rd September 2020
Building back better – second level

This activity is designed to help children to consider the positive changes to the environment because of the lockdown and how pollution levels from travel have been reduced.

PUBLISHED: 7th October 2020
Everyone has different strengths 1 – early level

Help children understand that everyone has different strengths.

PUBLISHED: 23rd June 2020
Inside and out – first level

Find some ideas to support you to design an activity to help children understand the importance of safety when taking medicines.

PUBLISHED: 27th January 2021
Types of energy – first level

This activity aims to support children to learn about how food and drink provides the energy our bodies need to move, think and grow.

PUBLISHED: 16th June 2020
Developing talking skills - making a pitch – third and fourth level

Find some ideas to support you to design an activity on listening and talking which you can use or adapt for learners in your class while they are working remotely.

PUBLISHED: 30th July 2020
Back to school – transitions - role models – primary

Encourage your child to explain who their role models are.

PUBLISHED: 14th May 2020
Hunting for rainbows - early years and primary 1

In this activity, children search for NHS rainbows in their local area and look for rainbow shapes and colours at home.

PUBLISHED: 12th August 2020
Counting backwards - early level

This is the second in a set of three activities which explore counting and creating sequences.

PUBLISHED: 16th June 2020
Àite matamataig sa bheatha làitheil – àrd-sgoil

Cuidichidh an gnìomh ionnsachaidh seo daoine òga gu àite matamataig sa bheatha làitheil agus san àite-obrach, a rannsachadh.