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Here you will find a range of ideas and suggestions of activities to help parents, carers and practitioners support learning at home and during the recovery year. The activities are aimed at a variety of ages. The year groups next to the activities are a general guide only. Our newsletters for parents and carers and for practitioners also have additional ideas, hints and tips, and links to other useful resources.

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PUBLISHED: 26th August 2020 Nature walk – early level

Support children to explore the idea of responding to challenging circumstances.

PUBLISHED: 9th September 2020 Our digital transformation – second level

Children will consider the use of technologies to connect and learn over recent times.

PUBLISHED: 23rd September 2020 Role-play repair shop – early level

Find some ideas to support you to design an activity.

PUBLISHED: 23rd September 2020 Community champion award – first level

In this activity, children will find out about some of the things their local community did to support others during the COVID-19 lockdown.

PUBLISHED: 21st May 2020 Weather and business commerce - secondary

Young people are invited to explore why information about weather can be important to business.

PUBLISHED: 21st May 2020 Environment - wind power - early years and primary

The focus for these activities is wind power as a source of energy.

PUBLISHED: 4th June 2020 John Muir in the USA - secondary

Young people research John Muir’s impact on the introduction of National Parks in the USA.

PUBLISHED: 18th June 2020 Solar system – primary

Find creative and enjoyable ways to explore and build curiosity about jobs and careers in space.

PUBLISHED: 18th June 2020 Space exploration - secondary

Young people track and share human interest in space from past times through to plans for future space exploration.

PUBLISHED: 28th October 2020 Communicating Global Goals - third and fourth level

This activity will engage young people to explore and research the impact of international Global Goals.