Last Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Back to school – me and music – primary

What is this?

In this activity, children will express their likes, feelings and achievements in a creative and enjoyable way.

For children at Nursery and P1

  • Talk together about songs that you both know. Which ones are your favourite? You could listen to the songs or sing them together.
  • Young children love to hear their name in songs. Have fun and think about how to swap out words and add your child’s name into songs that they know and enjoy. For example, Baby Shark might become ‘Michael Shark’ or ‘Incy Wincy Ava’.
  • Encourage your child to add more of their ideas and the names of people they know to their favourite songs. This could be family, friends from school or nursery, or teachers. Add to and repeat this musical fun as children love to enjoy songs over and over. You can do this activity anywhere at home, on a journey or whilst waiting in a queue.

For children at P2/P3/P4

  • Explain to your child that they are going to create a song about themselves. If they are a little stuck for inspiration, they can use the tune of songs they already know and rewrite the words so the song is about them. These can be simple songs such as nursery rhymes, theme tunes from TV or songs from the radio.
  • Your child’s song should highlight things that matter to them. For example, what they like or who they admire. Most of all your child should have fun and enjoy this creative activity.
  • Your child could create also their own “signature" dance move to go with their song. This could be like a footballer’s celebration or an ‘emote’ from video games.
  • Ask your child to perform their song and dance move for their family or friends. You might like to record your child’s song and dance move so you can identify together the things they do well, and those they may like to improve. Celebrate your child’s creativity and feel free to join in!

For children P5/P6/P7

  • Today’s activity is about your child using music to express their likes and personality traits. For example, are they confident, shy, bold, quiet, sporty or musical? Ask your child to read the following instructions.
    • You have been asked by the local radio station to create a playlist of five songs which would help people to get to know your personality traits and likes. Think about songs which you really enjoy or songs where the lyrics describe something you feel.
    • Write down your list of five songs and the artists who perform them. If you have access to the songs on a device, you could create the playlist for others to listen to. Think about how you would introduce each song if you were the DJ, explaining the significance of the song for you. Remember to make sure the songs are appropriate for the age of your listeners!
    • When you are ready, share your creation with your family. Talk about your choices. Encourage your family to create their own playlists and enjoy and share each other’s playlists.