Last Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Back to school – transitions – moving on - this is me! – primary

What is this?

In this activity, children will think about their personal qualities so that they can introduce themselves to a new group of friends and staff. This process will help to build children’s self-confidence going forward into a new stage of school.

For children at Nursery and P1

  • Talk to your child about going to a new nursery, school or class. Maybe they will be meeting a new early years officer (EYO), teacher and friends. Explain to your child that these new people will want to find out all about them and what makes them special.
  • Ask your child to think about what makes them special. This could be their name, height, hair and eye colour. Talk about things your child likes to do and play with. What are the things they are particularly good at doing? What are their favourite foods and toys? Do they have siblings, other family members or pets?
  • Now go on to talk more about your child’s personal qualities. Are they kind, or determined? Do they persevere or like to share? Are they helpful, a good friend, good at tidying up…..?
  • Your child will now have a good understanding of what makes them special. Explain that you are going to record your child telling you all about themselves, and what makes them special so you can send the video to their new EYO or teacher. They may want to sing a song, recite a poem or even retell their favourite story to demonstrate their skills to their new EYO or teacher.
  • Your child may prefer to draw a picture of themselves, remembering all the things that make them special. You could then write down all these things around the picture and draw smaller pictures, for example of a pet or family members. Your child could then take this picture to their new nursery or school on their first day so they can share it with their new EYO or teacher.
  • If you have access to Youtube there are songs you and your child could learn about being special. Have fun!

For children at P2/P3/P4

  • Explain to your child that their new teacher wants them to make a video of themselves so they can see them and find out all about them before the start of the new term. If they prefer, your child could write down an introduction all about themselves or make a mind map or drawings.
  • Talk to your child about what kind of information they would like to share with their new teacher. What makes your child unique? For example, what is special about their family and friends, favourite hobbies/sports, favourite foods, toys, games? Do they play a musical instrument? What sports do they enjoy playing or watching? What areas of the curriculum does your child particularly enjoy learning about or is skilled in? What areas would they like to learn more about or develop further in the coming year? What kinds of learning activities do they like, for example practical work? Do they like to work in teams or with partners and if so why? Do they like to learn outdoors?
  • Now ask your child if they would like to take on any areas of responsibility in their new class. Do they have any ideas which would help to make this class a good place to learn? Would they like to join the pupil council if the school has one, or some other group such as an Eco Committee? Do they think any new committees should be introduced?
  • Does your child enjoy going to lunchtime or after-school clubs? If so what are these clubs and are there any new ones they would like to see introduced at some point in the future?

For children at P5/P6/P7

  • Ask your child to read and follow these instructions to help them prepare to join their new class and meet their new teacher.
    • Your new teacher would like to get to know you before the start of the new term. They would like you to prepare to be interviewed by them before you join the class, so that they can find out all about you.
    • You now need to prepare for the interview. Firstly, think carefully about all the things it would be important for the teacher to know about you. Also, think about the questions the teacher may ask you, for example, about your family and friends. What are your hobbies/interests? What are your personal qualities? For example, are you determined, kind, persevering and respectful of others?
    • What do you like/not like about school? What do you want to learn more about? What skills would you like to develop further? What qualities do you think a good teacher should have? What do you think makes school fun and interesting? How do you like to learn? What strengths do you have that you could bring to your new class? Are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone? You will have lots of other ideas of your own to explore.
    • Once you have prepared your thoughts you could ask a family member or friend to interview you. Have some fun with this! Set it up like a proper interview. Ask an adult for advice about interview situations or research online if you can. Will the interview be a sit-down, question and answer session or will you have to do a presentation? Record the interview so you can look back at your performance and think of ways of improving it.
  • If you prefer you can prepare a digital presentation to introduce yourself. With your parent’s or carer’s permission, include photographs of yourself. Use this as an opportunity to show your teacher your digital skills and capabilities. Good luck with your interview!