Last Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2020

Back to school – who I am – primary

What is this?

In this activity, children will explore who they are, express their likes and build their confidence in a creative and enjoyable way.

For children at Nursery and P1

  • You may wish to gather up any craft materials you have before you and your child start this activity. You might want to use crayons, paint, different types of papers or other fun items such as small dried pasta shapes.
  • Speak to your child about what they look like. Explain that you are going to ask them to create a picture of themselves. Get them to look in a mirror and name all the parts of their face that they can see.
  • Ask your child to draw a picture of their own face. The picture can be made using whatever colours and materials they like. Your child can choose their favourite colours and ideas to have as much fun as possible making their picture. Whilst they are creating their picture, you can ask your child to talk about themselves. What are their likes or dislikes? What is their favourite colour?
  • After they have finished their picture, ask your child to look closely at it. Does it look like them? What do they like about it?

For children at P2/P3/P4

  • Explain to your child that they are going to create a picture of themselves, then create a “picture frame” to surround their picture. They can decorate the frame with things they like.
  • Ask your child to draw the shape of a picture frame on a piece of paper. They could choose a traditional rectangle, a circle or a creative shape for their frame. Your child should then use art and craft materials to create a portrait of themselves inside the picture frame.
  • Talk with your child about how they could decorate their picture frame. They could include images of things they like and enjoy, such as sports or music. They could use sketches, pictures from magazines or craft materials.
  • When your child has finished, talk to them about their framed picture. Do they think it shows what their interests are? Where do they think their ideas have been most successful? Are there any parts of their picture that they would change, or new ideas they would add?

For children P5/P6/P7

Ask your child to read the following:

  • Draw a self-portrait to show aspects of your personality, for example your likes and dislikes, and things you want to happen in your future. Think about who you are, your best qualities, and your interests and ambitions. It might help to make a list of these ideas. Speak to your friends and family and ask if they agree with your ideas. Do they think you have additional qualities that you have not listed already?
  • Create your self-portrait using materials you choose. Think about what you look like and what colours you want to use for your portrait. Use whatever colours you like! It is more important that the colours give an impression of what you are like, rather than that they are realistic for a portrait. If you have access to a computer or device, you may like to complete this activity digitally, using graphics software.
  • Create a picture frame by decorating around your portrait with images which show your interests, hopes and qualities. You can draw these yourself, use pictures from magazines or newspapers, or use craft materials if you wish.
  • Show your creation to family or friends and ask what they think of it. Do they think that it succeeds in communicating who you are, and what you are like? What do they like about it?