Last Updated: Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Create and develop a sandwich shop 1 - primary

What is this?

This activity is about opening a new sandwich shop. 

For children at Primary 1 stage

Parent and child activity:

  • Set up an imaginative play sandwich shop at home.
  • Ask your child the kind of things that could be in the sandwich shop.
  • Ask your child to gather some things together and create your shop. It can show what your child feels is in a shop and can include real items such as chairs, a table, cutlery, cups and perhaps real coins.
  • Play together and take turns being the customer and shop worker. Use the money to pay for items. Food items may be real or made from objects in the house that the child thinks represent food.

For children at Primary 2 /3 /4 stages

  • You are opening a new sandwich shop. Think of a name for your new sandwich shop. Design an eye-catching poster to advertise your shop.
  • You want to make sure lots of people come to your sandwich shop. Make a list of all the places where you should put your poster. Remember - this should make sure as many people as possible know about your new shop.
  • Ask a family member to say what they liked about your poster.

For children at Primary 5 /6 /7 stages

  • You are opening a new sandwich shop. Your new sandwich shop is in a busy city which has a lot of visitors. You want to make sure you have lots of visitors to your sandwich shop.
  • You decide to have a European week and plan to write the menu in different European languages.
  • Choose a language you learn at school (but not English).
  • Choose five ingredients you will include in your shop menu. Now create your shop menu using the European language of your choice.
  • Read your menu to your parent/carer in the language you learn at school.