Last Updated: Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Ayrshire College, East Ayrshire

What is this?

Find out how Ayrshire College kept their students engaged in the make-up artistry course during lockdown. 

Who is this for?

For all with an interest in Scottish education. 

What we did: 

Once lockdown was announced and students were to finish the 2019/20 session remotely, there were discussions held between lecturing staff surrounding how best to keep their students engaged with the make-up artistry courses. They decided to do Instagram make-up challenges every other day and the students could pick the theme.

Who we involved:

Students on make-up artistry courses at Ayrshire College.

The difference it made:

Make-up Artistry lecturer Alana Pignatiello said: "The only thing that was niggling at me, and everyone else I’m sure, was how am I going to keep my students engaged remotely? How do we keep them motivated and not going into a depression?"

"It was a great success and a lot of the students and lecturers got involved and would be messaging as to when and what the next challenge was".

What we will do differently in the future: 

Make-Up Artistry students at Ayrshire College are to be taught digital marketing skills this year as part of their course, so taking part in an online challenge like this was great preparation for this year.

With social media platforms proving to be a major business tool for make-up artists over the years, the SQA has revamped its HNC and HND Make-Up Artistry courses to introduce a new digital marketing unit.

Alana said: "We started to use Instagram to engage with the students when we went into lockdown as this was a platform they all used.

"All of our students use social media platforms and this unit will help them understand how to use it properly as a business tool to help promote their business.

"Most people go to artists' social media pages before their websites now, so it's important for the students to learn how to find their target audience and how to generate social media content, among other things. To get noticed on social media, the right people need to see it so it is important to tag the right people and use the right hashtags."