Last Updated: Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Erskine Waterfront Campus

What is this?

Find out how Erskine Waterfront Campus staff took on completely different roles in order to keep their education programme going during lockdown. 

Who is this for?

For all with an interest in Scottish education. 

What we did:

During lockdown while the children who attend Erskine Waterfront (Complex ASN) remained off-site, in their residential houses with their care staff or in their own family homes, the education team took on completely different roles in order to keep our education programme going and most importantly, keep our identity and school community spirit strong. With responsibilities to our children who were isolating across at least six different Local Authorities, the staff poured their creativity and enthusiasm into learning contexts outside the formal classroom. Knowing the importance of positivity and communication through difficult times, the education team decided to create a newsletter that brought us all together. The team were able to coordinate and organise all the material to meet our deadlines. A small group of dedicated staff pulled the celebration of work and achievement together in an eye-catching and attractive publication. The focus of this work kept us all strong and positive.

Who we involved:

The people involved included our teaching staff and learning support staff, working alongside our residential care colleagues and also the families with whom we work closely. Our admin, catering and cleaning staff also contributed to the one focus of the newsletter and the positivity it brought. New relationships were formed with partners in our local community and with our organisation as we solved problems together in delivering food parcels or learning packs. The necessity of the situation brought us all together.

The difference it made:

We would like to highlight how effectively we were able to cope with change. Before lockdown the education team enjoyed the comfort of the school campus, but now in lockdown we were all separated into bubbles and were quite displaced from our usual routines. Our team members were able to take on new roles and keep learning imaginative and motivating. Those who were already digitally skilled, encouraged others to use the resources effectively and creatively. Their ability to adapt to new situations, develop online learning approaches and role model for the pupils was a great example. Some said our usual way of working had been 'turned inside out'. Ultimately the model of delivery might have changed but even without a campus at all and the blank canvas of home or remote learning, the school never lost its identity and purpose. And so the children continued to achieve and attain both with ‘personal bests’ and even national accreditation.

What we will do differently in the future:

Now understanding how capable we are even in the most difficult circumstances, we have greater self-belief and confidence in what we can do. Now back on campus our recovery timetable reflects the valuable lessons we have learned about learning styles, capacity to learn new skills and a determination to remain reflective and resourceful. Trust and belief in others has grown stronger having been tested. Should another school lockdown occur, we have confidence that we will be able to meet the challenge, and importantly, our partners, parents and children have confidence in us as a team.