Last Updated: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

What Scotland Learned – building back better

What is this?

This professional learning paper accompanies the publication 'What Scotland Learned, 100 stories of lockdown'. It takes the inspiring stories from the book and synthesises them with education research. Designed to support education leaders and practitioners, it takes the six themes that came through the stories and explores the existing evidence-based findings to add depth and understanding to lived experience.

Who is this for?

For all with an interest in Scottish education.

Sketchnote - What Scotland Learned – building back betterWhat Scotland Learned is a book published by Education Scotland. It captures examples of innovative practice from learners, parents and educators in Scotland during the period March to August 2020.

One hundred stories from practitioners, local authorities, establishments, leaders, parents, learners, partners, volunteers and others were collected. Ten stories were also collected in the form of semi-structured interviews carried out with academics and educational leaders.

The information from the 100 stories was analysed into six themes for this professional learning paper, which were relationships, leadership, health and wellbeing, learning and teaching, community and successes and achievements.

A sketchnote has been produced which summarises the key findings for each of the six themes.

PDF file: What Scotland Learned – building back better (3 MB)

PDF file: Sketchnote - What Scotland Learned – building back better (1.2 MB)