Last Updated: Tuesday, September 29, 2020

What Scotland Learned - sharing stories from lockdown

What is this?

What Scotland Learned will be a book which highlights a collection of stories from across the Scottish education system, showcasing some of the most innovative, effective and impactful examples of learning during lockdown. Please follow the guidance below to find out how to submit your stories.

Painted pebblesThe COVID-19 pandemic led to the sudden closure of school buildings and other learning sites. There were many examples of extraordinary work across the entire education system to support learners and communities.

For many learners, this was through distance and online platforms, with different forms of on-going contact with their teachers, childcare workers, youth workers, tutors and others. Of course, for children and young people, support from parents and carers continued to be key to their learning.

Practitioners and volunteers (of all ages) responded in a variety of creative and stimulating ways and we now want to capture the stories of lockdown learning. In What Scotland Learned, we aim to show some of the ways the education system in Scotland has answered the following questions:

  • What did children, young people and adults learn about the different ways to learn and their responses to a change in teaching methodologies?
  • What did educators learn about pedagogy, androgogy, curriculum innovation, leadership and their own professional learning?
  • What did families and parents discover about their important role in supporting learning?
  • What did the system learn about system change under pressure?
  • What did national organisations, including Education Scotland, learn about their support of the system?

Guidance for contributing to What Scotland Learned

Please use the following guidance if you would like to submit a story to be considered for inclusion in What Scotland Learned. We are looking for examples from across Scotland and from each sector of Scottish education:

  • Submit your entry by completing the online form. All submissions must be received no later than 10 October 2020.
  • Please include your contact details. We may get in touch to gather further information if your entry is selected for the book or website.
  • The submission form asks you to share your experiences under four headings:
    • What specific activities did you do over lockdown that you wish to highlight?
    • Who did it involve, including partners or other community organisations?
    • What difference did this make?
    • How has this changed your outlook, practice, work and how might this have an impact long term?
      Please provide as much detail as possible, whilst remaining within the word count.
  • In the third section we need to understand what you did that made a difference to learners or recipients or communities. In the fourth section we want to see what impact it had on you as practitioners, volunteers, children or young people delivering the change or service. This can include what you learned and how it affected you, what you might do differently if doing again, and what you will use from this experience in the future.
  • There are five exemplars below which you can view to support your completion of the form.
  • We are happy to receive drawings, photographs and other graphics alongside your entry. These may be included in What Scotland Learned. Please only include ones that are created and owned by you or your group.
  • If you include photographs, please ensure you also complete and return Education Scotland permission forms for each person in a photograph. Please note there are two separate forms; one to be completed by each individual aged 16 and over giving their consent for their image to be used and one for the parents or carers of any child or young person under 16 in a photograph.

What criteria will be used to select submissions for publication?

We will not be able to include every submission in the What Scotland Learned book. We may share some of the entries we cannot include on the Scotland Learns website. If your submission is not included this does not mean it was not interesting or valuable. We will be selecting submissions so they reflect Scotland and show a wide variety of activities across all sectors.

The aim is to capture this moment in history and celebrate the learning and innovation by illustrating What Scotland Learned. The mix of submissions that are chosen will:

  • Reflect each region of Scotland;
  • Show from a mix of urban and rural settings;
  • Include a range of settings, establishments and organisations;
  • Show activities and practices that supported different age-groups and communities;
  • Demonstrate a wide range of activities and practices;
  • Include the voices of practitioners from different sectors and of children, young people and adult learners;
  • Showcase practice that had a strong positive impact on learners during the initial months of Covid-19;
  • Include activities which educational practitioners and others can learn from;
  • Celebrate the resilience and creativity of Scotland’s learners and educationalists.

Please note: Your submission will be will be handled, processed and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act (2018). You have the right to withdraw your consent to processing your personal data at any time and you have the right to access your data. For further information about this and how your data will be used please see the Education Scotland Privacy Policy.


PDF file: What Scotland Learned exemplar - Young person (98 KB)

PDF file: What Scotland Learned exemplar - Teacher (97 KB)

PDF file: What Scotland Learned exemplar - School (175 KB)

PDF file: What Scotland Learned exemplar - Community (8 KB)

PDF file: What Scotland Learned exemplar - Parent (106 KB)