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LAST UPDATED: 5th December 2018 Improving RME: Approaches to Christmas

This set of learning journeys suggests a range of approaches to support learners in developing a richer understanding of the key religious and moral aspects of this celebration.

LAST UPDATED: 24th July 2019 Improving RME: Senior Phase exemplification in Religious and Moral Education

These resources suggest a range of approaches to RME in the Senior Phase to support learners in developing their own beliefs and values at this important time in their learning journey.​

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 The Autism Toolbox

​The Autism Toolbox is a resource to support the inclusion of children and young people with autism spectrum disorder in mainstream education services in Scotland.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood Resource for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

​This resource will help everyone involved in delivering sexual health and relationships education to those with an autism spectrum disorder.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 CALL Scotland: The use of inclusive digital technologies to raise attainment for learners who require additional support (Additional Support Needs)

CALL Scotland is a support service funded primarily by the Scottish Government to help children and young people across Scotland to overcome disability and barriers to learning.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 It Takes All Kinds of Minds - A guide to understanding learning difficulties

The Salvesen Mindroom Centre provides information to parents, carers and professionals that explore a range of conditions where additional support is required.

LAST UPDATED: 11th December 2019 DYW – Interesting Practice: SCOTS programme at Forth Valley College

This exemplar is part of the ‘Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) – Interesting Practice’ series which aims to provide ideas, inspiration and connections around the implementation of DYW.

LAST UPDATED: 5th March 2018 Bright future - Individual coaching - Southwood Primary School

​An example of a coaching approach to support learners adopted by Southwood Primary School.

LAST UPDATED: 17th April 2018 Counselling Service - St Kenneth's RC Primary School

St Kenneth’s RC Primary provide children and families with access to a counselling service.