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LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Forces Children's Education

This website answers many of the questions asked by forces parents moving to Scotland.

LAST UPDATED: 8th April 2020 West Partnership – Interesting practice: Wellbeing

An overview of exemplars of interesting practice relating to wellbeing from across the West Partnership.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Health and Wellbeing International Conference 2015

Strategic leads for health and wellbeing within local authorities and NHS Boards in addition to international colleagues with a professional interest in the role of health and wellbeing in education.

LAST UPDATED: 20th April 2020 Team around the Child Model in South Ayrshire

​Case study looking at the team organised to deliver a Child’s Pathway across South Ayrshire.

LAST UPDATED: 27th May 2020 Recognising and realising children’s rights: A professional learning resource to promote self-evaluation and improvement planning

This professional learning resource helps improve practitioners' knowledge, understanding and application of the UNCRC.

LAST UPDATED: 16th January 2020 Health and wellbeing; Responsibility of all - Making the links…making it work

This resource package is intended to help practitioners and establishments develop a shared understanding of health and wellbeing responsibility of all.

LAST UPDATED: 6th June 2019 Included, engaged and involved part 2: A positive approach to preventing and managing school exclusions

This resource provides schools and local authorities with a clear overview of approaches and structures that should be in place to prevent and manage exclusions in schools.

LAST UPDATED: 8th September 2020 The Compassionate and Connected Classroom: A health and wellbeing curricular resource for upper primary

This suite of resources aims to raise awareness of the potential impact of adversity and trauma in shaping outcomes for children and young people and provide support that can help mitigate the impact of these experiences.

LAST UPDATED: 16th September 2020 Safeguarding - Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

​This overview page gives a brief description of what is meant by child sexual exploitation (CSE) and highlights some key resources.

LAST UPDATED: 26th November 2020 Recognising and Realising Children's Rights in Youth Work

​This is a professional learning resource aims to raise knowledge and awareness of United Nations Conventions of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).