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LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Nutritional Analysis Manual

Providing guidance on how to adopt an approach to nutritionally analyse school lunch menus in order to demonstrate compliance with statutory nutrient standards.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Sense over sectarianism - Primary school workshop lesson pack

This resource consists of lessons to explore issues around sectarianism in a safe and challenging environment.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Scarfed for life - An anti-sectarianism learning resource

​This is a learning resource to explore anti-sectarianism. It is based on Scarfed for Life, a play by Martin Travers of the Citizens Theatre.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Divided City secondary pack: An anti-sectarian resource

​This is a learning resource to explore anti-sectarianism.

LAST UPDATED: 27th April 2020 Beyond a culture of two halves: A close look at sectarianism in Scotland

​This resource is a bank of materials designed to help stimulate and enable those tackling sectarianism to develop a programme they can deliver in their communities.

LAST UPDATED: 7th January 2020 Ag ionnsachadh mu Alba Cùis Smaoineachaidh / Learning about Scotland Food for Thought

​This resource, through the medium of Gaelic, looks at how Curriculum for Excellence supports learning about food and health.

LAST UPDATED: 10th July 2018 Save a life for Scotland

This valuable learning resource supports the teaching of CPR across all ages and stages.

LAST UPDATED: 27th April 2020 Supporting LGBT young people and those who are part of LGBT families

This overview provides a summary of key information, resources, exemplification and links to organisations related to LGBT issues.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd February 2018 Food education - The Good Food Learning Resource

Find information and practical activities to improve learning and teaching around food production and sustainability.

LAST UPDATED: 10th January 2019 Food education – Career pathways in food and drink in Scotland

​This is a useful resource for learners/practitioners at second to fourth level interested in careers as well as the journey food makes from farm to fork.