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LAST UPDATED: 26th June 2020 Supporting young carers in education

This resource provides information to help identify young carers and the services they provide.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 The experience of a young transgender person

​This resource is a film of an interview with Aaron who is transgender. The interview took place at an event for young people who were Mentors in the Violence Prevention Programme (MVP).

LAST UPDATED: 5th March 2018 The School Improvement Partnership Programme

The School Improvement Partnership Programme (SIPP) is a solution-focused approach to Scotland’s attainment issues with a focus on innovating to tackle educational inequality.

LAST UPDATED: 28th January 2020 Technical guidance for schools in Scotland for the Equality Act (2010) regarding discrimination

​This technical guidance outlines the requirements of the Equality Act (2010) for schools in relation to the provision of education and access to benefits, facilities or services.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Reflective questions to support self-evaluation in the area of gender equality

​These two documents have been drawn up by Dr Nancy Lombard of Glasgow Caledonian University, an expert in the area of gender.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Sense over sectarianism - Primary school workshop lesson pack

This resource consists of lessons to explore issues around sectarianism in a safe and challenging environment.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Divided City secondary pack: An anti-sectarian resource

​This is a learning resource to explore anti-sectarianism.

LAST UPDATED: 27th April 2020 Beyond a culture of two halves: A close look at sectarianism in Scotland

​This resource is a bank of materials designed to help stimulate and enable those tackling sectarianism to develop a programme they can deliver in their communities.

LAST UPDATED: 30th July 2019 Restorative approaches - Peer mediation

Peer mediation is a process where those involved in a disagreement volunteer to discuss the issues and explore how best to take matters forward.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Children and young people from service families - Professional learning resource

​This is a professional learning resource designed to support children and young people from families who are in the service of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force.