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LAST UPDATED: 28th February 2018 Understanding the Improved Performance of Disadvantaged Pupils in London (2015)

​This paper explores why the performance of disadvantaged pupils in London improved so much in recent years.

LAST UPDATED: 5th March 2018 Sciences 3-18 curriculum review (impact report)

​This report is the first updated version of the original (2012) 3-18 Sciences Impact report, which evaluated current practice in the sciences.

LAST UPDATED: 22nd April 2020 The Role of Continuous Professional Development in Closing the Gap in Educational Attainment (2015)

​This research considers how to improve the system of CPD for teachers and teaching assistants to assist them in their efforts to break the link between educational attainment and poverty.

LAST UPDATED: 21st December 2017 What sort of girl wants to study physics after the age of 16 - Findings from a large-scale UK survey (2012)

​A research paper which explores the characteristics of 15 year-old girls who expressed their intention to study physics post-16.

LAST UPDATED: 22nd April 2020 Poverty and Schooling: Where Mindset Meets Practice (2015)

​A short research summary from Ontario, which explores what poverty looks like and which discusses a range of strategies to address the inequities often associated with poverty and schooling.

LAST UPDATED: 22nd April 2020 Narrowing the gap in outcomes for young children through effective practices in the early years (2010)

Research to help service providers to improve services and, ultimately, reduce educational disadvantage and improve outcomes for children, young people and their families.

LAST UPDATED: 22nd April 2020 Growing up in Scotland: The Circumstances of Persistently Poor Children (2010)

​A report drawing on findings from the Growing Up in Scotland study, a longitudinal study which is tracking the lives of Scottish children from the early years, through childhood and beyond.

LAST UPDATED: 22nd April 2020 Evaluation of the Extra Mile (2011)

​An evaluation of the Extra Mile initiative in England which focused on how schools could close the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers.

LAST UPDATED: 28th February 2018 Regional Challenges: A Collaborative Approach to Improving Education (2014)

​A report which provides analysis of the London Challenge and presents case studies of 9 emerging area-based initiatives which have been influenced by the London Challenge.