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LAST UPDATED: 17th February 2021 Higher order thinking skills in maths

​This resource illustrates practical activities to improve learning and teaching skills. It will support improvement by utilising higher order thinking skills.

LAST UPDATED: 16th February 2021 Numeracy and Mathematics Skills Professional Learning resource

This resource is designed to support improvement by highlighting eight key skills required to support and extend knowledge and understanding in numeracy and mathematics.

LAST UPDATED: 16th February 2021 The Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Years Education

This publication explains 'the Reggio approach' and explores how aspects of this pedagogical approach could be adapted and used to support improvement in Scotland.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Unlock your creativity

This infographic supports improvement by detailing the national support available for developing creative learning, creative teaching and creative change.

LAST UPDATED: 24th April 2020 Paul Collard – What is a creative education and why is it important?

Paul Collard discusses the features of an effective approach to creative education. Paul draws on his experience of observing, designing and delivering programmes..

LAST UPDATED: 21st February 2018 Room 13

Room 13 is an independent art studio project, which the pupils run entirely themselves, raising funds to buy art materials and employ a professional Artist in Residence to work with them.

LAST UPDATED: 17th February 2021 CfE Briefing 15: Sciences for all

Exploring the role sciences education has in equipping learners with the skills they need to succeed and flourish in this new world of scientific opportunity.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd February 2021 Transform Task - Leave a legacy

​Task 7 from the Transform Toolkit - choose some creative ways to leave a legacy?

LAST UPDATED: 17th February 2021 Transform Task – Make it happen

​​Task 6 from the Transform Toolkit - apply the skills learned during the process and really make an impact with your 'Transform' project.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd February 2021 Transform Task - Invest your audience

​Task 5 from the Transform Toolkit - the initial contact with your audience should build a sense of anticipation.