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LAST UPDATED: 12th December 2019 Maths Week Scotland 2017

This Sway presentation showcases national and local events which took place during the inaugural Maths Week Scotland 2017.

LAST UPDATED: 5th March 2018 Clackmannanshire Numeracy and Mathematics Progression Framework

​The framework is a resource that has been produced to support practitioners in developing their understanding of progression within the experiences and outcomes.

LAST UPDATED: 28th February 2018 Developing number talks and promoting mathematical mindsets – South Ayrshire

​This resource provides a summary of findings and related resources resulting from practice in the South Ayrshire Council Numeracy Community of Practice (SACNCOP).

LAST UPDATED: 15th August 2019 Are boys and girls equally prepared for life (2014)

This report focuses on the gender performance gap in mathematics as well as in terms of learners' drive, motivation and self-belief in relation to their mathematics ability.

LAST UPDATED: 24th July 2019 Differentiated learning in numeracy and mathematics (2015): Briefing 1

A short, practitioner-focused research briefing which summarises research on differentiated learning and considers how it could be used to improve learner outcomes in numeracy and mathematics.

LAST UPDATED: 12th May 2020 A summary of STEM resources

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for practitioners - joining the dots across current STEM provision on the National Improvement Hub to provide a coherent resource of information.

LAST UPDATED: 17th December 2019 Milestones to support learners with complex additional support needs

Education Scotland has produced a set of milestones for literacy and English and numeracy and mathematics with accompanying guidance to specifically support learners with complex additional support needs.