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LAST UPDATED: 8th July 2020 Developing Collaborative Action Research to improve impact in Dundee

Collaborative Action Research (CAR) which supports practitioners to influence or change an aspect of what they are researching, ie their own practice, is an approach that is now widely used in education.

LAST UPDATED: 20th February 2019 Leadership for Equity in Dundee


LAST UPDATED: 9th September 2020 Spotlight on poverty

Links to recent resources to support awareness of the impact of poverty, which is especially relevant in the current context.

LAST UPDATED: 28th February 2018 Raising Attainment – Improving Life Chances

This exemplar, from West Lothian Psychology Service, is a series of information sheets utilised across West Lothian Council aimed at improving life chances.

LAST UPDATED: 27th April 2020 Addressing expressive vocabulary gap of targeted P1/2 children in a rural / island area

​Scottish education serves many children well, but the attainment gap between pupils from the richest and poorest backgrounds is wider than in many similar countries.

LAST UPDATED: 7th February 2020 Supporting children and families through the role of the Home-School Link Practitioner – New Cumnock Primary School

This case study illustrates the role and impact of the Home-School Link Practitioner within New Cumnock Primary School.

LAST UPDATED: 6th March 2020 Pupil Equity funding used to empower support staff to close the poverty related attainment gap in Inverclyde

This practice examplar describes how Pupil Equity Fund (PEF) spend was used to empower support staff to help close the poverty related attainment gap at St Ninian’s Primary, Inverclyde.

LAST UPDATED: 7th April 2020 Using quality assurance to improve learning and teaching in Kirkliston Primary School, Edinburgh

​The following content includes an example of how one school took a systematic approach to quality assurance with the explicit outcome of achieving improved learning and teaching.

LAST UPDATED: 23rd March 2020 Using a Lesson Study approach to improve learning and teaching in numeracy in Glasgow

​This exemplar provides materials to support the introduction and implementation of a Lesson Study approach.

LAST UPDATED: 30th July 2019 How young people’s participation in school supports achievement and attainment, Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland

This research was conducted with secondary schools pupils within catchment areas that included more deprived areas, yet were also known to have more positive exam results than expected.