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LAST UPDATED: 27th February 2018 Irish Film Institute – study guides for foreign-language films

​A collection of study guides for a variety of films including French, German and Italian movies.

LAST UPDATED: 27th February 2018 French N4/N5 listening practice

​This resource has 10 recordings of French teenagers describing events in their everyday lives. Topics covered are typical of those in the N4/N5 syllabus.

LAST UPDATED: 20th March 2020 Extended Outreach - North Ayrshire Council

This exemplar aims to inspire reflective thinking by practitioners considering alternative curriculum solutions for young people likely to disengage from formal education.

LAST UPDATED: 20th March 2020 School Leaver Transitions – A targeted approach in West Dunbartonshire

School Leaver Transitions is a bespoke and tailored personal and social development intervention for young people in their Senior Phase.

LAST UPDATED: 27th February 2018 Improving uptake in modern languages in the senior phase

Conversations about improving the uptake of modern languages in the senior phase. As well as four case studies of schools with high numbers of candidates studying languages in the senior phase.

LAST UPDATED: 27th February 2018 Active learning strategies in classical languages

​A video resource, showing learners working actively on tasks to improve their skills, participation and motivation in Latin.

LAST UPDATED: 2nd June 2020 Resources to support the Refreshed Curriculum for Excellence Narrative

Explore the Refreshed CfE Narrative with these handy resources.

LAST UPDATED: 21st July 2020 Developing the Young Workforce - online support

Key information, resources and virtual learning opportunities to assist teachers and practitioners who are currently reflecting on their curriculum and engaged in recovery planning.

LAST UPDATED: 11th February 2020 Literacy across learning in secondary schools

​This resource contains practical advice for practitioners in all curricular areas on how to plan learning and teaching experiences to develop and extend young people’s literacy skills.

LAST UPDATED: 27th June 2019 Knowledge of Language

A basic English language resource explaining parts of speech, punctuation, grammar and syntax, tricky spellings and common confusions.